We took advantage of our unexpected long lay-over in Phoenix, Arizona and set out to have the most fun possible after finding out we were stranded with no way home due to inclement weather. Lucky for us Sedona is just a rock throw away from Phoenix and we got to work searching for the hikes with the best payoff.

If you’ve never heard of it, Sedona is a beautiful red rock, arid landscape with canyons decorating the background and sunsets that seem to last forever. Colors of red and orange contrast against the blue sky and green brush to create a scenery that seems to make time stop.

Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge, Sedona, Arizona

This towering sandstone arch is 1.8 miles from the initial trailhead, but unless you have a high clearance 4×4 vehicle such as a jeep, parking will be located at Devils Bridge Trail Parking about a mile from the actual trail head. We saw some guided jeep tours taking people up if you want to skip the added mile hike in and out. Be prepared for lots of red sand. Recommend tall socks, maybe even hiking boots. Coming from Hawaii we had neither and were still able to make the hike just fine. If you’re walking on foot also be prepared for dust thrown into the air from passing vehicles.

Difficulty was moderate as we were able to complete with only our tennis shoes and no preparation. However, towards the end of the hike there is more elevation gain due to large rocks in a somewhat stair case formation. We did come across another couple that didn’t complete the hike because it was too steep. For me, going up was easy for me and coming down was more difficult.

Total hike there and back took us about 2.5 hours from parked car including time spent taking photos and climbing down very slowly. For those scared of heights… don’t be. It’s so massive that you really feel like you’re on the first floor of a parking garage.

Soldiers Pass

Solider Pass Cave, Sedona, Arizona

This is a great hike with lots a variety. Lots of little stops along the trail that makes this trail my favorite. The only downside is the parking lot at the trail head only has room for about 10 cars so it fills up quick. But don’t let that deter you! Park at Posse Grounds and call Debbie to shuttle you back and forth.

Overall this 4.8 mile hike is easy with slight elevation. Just get ready to climb a bit to get into the cave. We completed the hike round trip in less than 3 hours including the time to stop and take photos and enjoy the scenery. Make sure to stop and check out Seven Sacred Pools.

Seven Sacred Pools, Sedona, Arizona

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